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Some staunch Orthodox Jews have long insisted that God speaks Hebrew. In other words, they believe that Hebrew is the “official language” in Heaven. Let’s be clear about this. There is absolutely no proof whatsoever in the Bible that this is so.

Some people might insist, “Yeah, but Bill, the Old Testament is written in Hebrew.” So what! What else would it be written in? The Israelites were descended from the Hebrews through Abraham, whose ancestor was in fact Heber, as I explain in the article entitled “One From Beyond: Hebrew of Hebrews”, which you can read at https://www.billkochman.com/Articles/One-From-Beyond-Hebrews-1.html.

If Jesus were to arrive in downtown New York City today and start speaking to everyone in English, would we automatically assume that God’s “official language” is English? Would we suddenly insist that everyone in the world must speak English, and address both God the Father and Jesus only by English names? Of course not! If we are intelligent people, we would deduce that God and His agents simply communicate with people in the language that they understand.

In conclusion, to insist that we must refer to God and Jesus by Hebrew names is both ludicrous and legalistic. The argument that we must refer to Jesus as “Yeshua” or use some other variation of the Hebrew name, because Jesus was born a Jew in the flesh, is both weak and invalid. Jesus is an Eternal Spirit in the Heavens, who for a very brief time temporarily inhabited a human body of flesh. That’s it. The end. There is neither Jew nor Gentile in Christ. We are all one. Period. Away with such legalism! Please refer to the study resources below.

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