North Korean ICBMs Can Reach Guam!

Greetings friends! As you may have already read, for the first time in five years, the government of North Korea has fired a medium-range ICBM over the islands of Japan. In fact, the missile landed in the northwestern Pacific Ocean approximately 1,864 miles to the east of Japan. This provocative move by the government of Kim Jong-un — the first such launch since two similar firings in 2017 — comes shortly after South Korea, Japan and the USA conducted military drills in the Sea of Japan, to the east of North Korea. Apparently, Kim Jong-un couldn’t resist showing a little bravado.

One important point which I have mentioned to my friends before, is the fact that the missile fired on October 4, 2022 had sufficient range to reach Guam. Of course, the fact that North Korean ICBMs can reach us is something we here on Guam have known for a long time. We are in range of North Korean missiles. In fact, Kim Jong-un has threatened us before during the Trump years, and even before that.

To put this in perspective for you, I am including two maps with this blog post which show the flight path of the 10-04-2022 missile launch, and the location of Guam and the other Mariana Islands in the northwest Pacific Ocean. If you cannot see both maps on the social network where this message has been posted, please visit my original blog post on the Bill’s Bible Basics Blog at the following URL:

While this North Korean threat is a reality for the people of the Mariana Islands, it is something which I personally do not worry about. I don’t live in fear of it. I trust God for my life, and leave it in His hands to determine when it is my time to leave this present life. Until then, I will continue to do what I have been doing for the past fifty years: preaching the Word of God. For anyone who may be fearful, I encourage you to study the following KJV Bible Verse Lists:

“Fear and Peace” KJV Bible Verse List:

“God’s Divine Protection” KJV Bible Verse List:

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