-- a poem by Bill Kochman

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Oh me oh my! What is this Bill? A poem about iPhones? I hope that you have a sense of humor, folks, and can appreciate my tongue-in-cheek. Please take this poem with a grain of salt, and have a good laugh at yourself.

Just to give you some perspective: I am in my sixties. I have worn corrective lenses since I was six years old. At my current age, my corneas have already hardened. In fact, it happened years ago. This means that I have great difficulty focusing my eyes sharply.

In other words, reading tiny print on labels is totally impossible for me. That's dangerous man! That means that half the time, I don't even know what I am really eating!

Even the things I can read, I have to hold out at arm's length away from me, and I still have to squint and make odd gestures with my face. I think it scares some people. :)

And my computer? Well, with all of the writing and typing that I do everyday, I have no choice but to keep the font size in my BBEdit text editor at 24 point. I bet you keep yours at around 12 point, don't you?

Get the picture?

Now enter Apple's iPhones with those tiny screens. Forget it!

Boy was Apple smart! Making millions of dollars while half the world goes around with their face glued to that little screen half the time, ignoring everything that is going on around them, including important things, and even friends and family.

Oh, and by the way, desktop computers really are the best if you want to get any serious work done! :)

Oh, and one more thing . . . Yes, I do own an Apple iPhone XS Max 256 GB . . . and I love it! :)

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