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The Bill's Bible Basics custom search engine -- powered by Google -- contains literally thousands of search terms which are directly associated with documents that are found on the BBB website. Furthermore, new search terms are added to the BBB database as often as new documents are added to this site. Is there a particular subject that is related to our Christian faith in which you have an interest? Are you curious about what Bill Kochman thinks concerning a specific topic?

Instructions :

1. Enter your search criteria below in the white field where it says "Enhanced by Google".

2. Click on the "Search" button -- the magnifying glass -- that is located on the far right side of the search pane.

3. After the search results appear in the window, simple scroll down to review them. You can sort the search results by relevance or by date by using the drop-down menu that is located in the top right corner of the search results window.

Note : If you are seeing external links on the results pages under the heading "Ads by Google", you can eliminate this by installing an ad blocker plug-in in your web browser. I highly recommend "Adblock Plus" if it is available for your web browser. Once you install the plug-in in your web browser, you will only see the search results which are actually on the Bill's Bible Basics website.

Please be patient while the user interface loads from Google. Thanks!

Your fellowservant,
Bill Kochman

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