Another Sad Day for America: Respect for Marriage Act

Hello, my friends. Well, those liberal-minded senators did it! As you have probably already heard, they passed the so-called “Respect for Marriage Act”. Worse yet, as was predicted would happen, all three amendments to the act, which were crafted to more fully protect Christians and Conservatives from litigation by the LGBTQ crowd, were REJECTED!

Now the bill goes to the House — where it will easily pass — and then to the president’s desk to be signed into law by Joe Biden.

In short, while the SCOTUS — Supreme Court of the United States — recognized same-sex “marriage” as a constitutional right, the passage of this bill codifies same-sex “marriage” and makes it the law of the land. That means that the Supreme Court cannot overturn it — as they did with Roe v. Wade — because the bill was passed by Congress, and there is nothing specific in the US Constitution — that I am aware of, at least — which the Supreme Court can use as a justification to overturn this soon-to-be ungodly law.

As you may know, that is exactly what the liberals wanted to do: make same-sex “marriage” bullet-proof against the Supreme Court. Now they are halfway to doing it!

To the dismay of millions of American Christians, the USA continues to rebel against God’s Laws and pave her way to hell, as we read in this verse:

“The wicked‭ shall be turned‭‭ into hell‭, ‭and‭ all the nations‭ that forget‭ God‭.‭”
Psalm 9:17, KJV

It should now be even more evident that many Americans — including many American politicians — worship God in name only, but their actual works/actions speak to the contrary. They in fact defy His holy Word!

Just watch how in coming months/years, the passage of this law will result in even more litigation against Conservatives who embrace Bible-based, Christian values, by the LGBTQ crowd. As I said, this bill empowers the gay and lesbian community, and they obviously know it.

Below is a link to a Washington Times article regarding this latest development:

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