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For those of you who may possibly not know who is pictured in this graphic, it is noted — and now-deceased — theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking. The scientific community — and many other people — laud him as a genius. However, as you can see, God’s Word has quite a different opinion of him. Hawking claimed that God, Heaven and an Afterlife are “fairy stories” and do not exist.

Some people claim that the 71-year-old Hawking was simply bitter against God, because he suffered from Lou Gehrig’s Disease — amyotrophic lateral sclerosis — since the age of twenty-one. Only Hawking knew the truth.

Whatever the case may be, this man has led millions of people astray with his ungodly, wayward ideas regarding God and the creation of the Universe.

By the way, the M-Theory — or Multiverse — stems from some of his ideas. That is how Hawking endeavored to explain the existence of our Universe without God’s Divine Intervention. In other words, out of multiple universes, ours is the one that happened to survive, by chance. What utter nonsense!

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