Facebook Posts: It Is Not Really Deleted, Folks

Oft times, we make a post in the heat of the moment on some particular social network. Then, some time later, we have second thoughts, and we decide to remove/delete that post for whatever our reasons.

In this particular case, I am using Facebook as an example, because I am certain that what I am stating here is true.

While removing that post may give us some peace of mind, it is also giving us a false sense of security. Why? Because while we may have hit the “Delete” button and removed that post or image from our timeline, page, group or album, that does NOT mean that it is really gone.

The fact of the matter is that even after you delete a post, Facebook STILL has a copy of it stored on their CDN servers somewhere around the world. And, as far as I know, they will keep it for as long as they want. In other words, it is my belief that they keep a FULL RECORD of everything we have ever posted on their platform.

I never really thought about this until this morning. There have been times over the past nine plus years when I have deleted all images from my Facebook albums for one reason or another. However, while neither I or my friends can see them there after I delete them, this is no guarantee that Facebook doesn’t have them stored on their servers.

Perhaps I am wrong, but in my view, this is the only way in which Facebook can bring up our memories from years ago — even after we have deleted a post or graphic — and ask us if we want to share that post with our friends on our timeline, or in our story.

It makes perfect sense to me. What do YOU think?

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