Facebook: The Antisocial Social Network

As this graphic states, Facebook has to be the most antisocial social network in which I have ever participated. After almost nine years of pretty much leaving me alone, and just letting me do what I do — preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ — participating on Facebook has become a real annoyance since early October of 2019.

Actually, as I explain in this post, the trouble began in August of 2019 when I began to repeatedly receive on-screen warnings in my web browser regarding so-called “suspicious activity” on my Facebook account, supposed security breaches of my password — which I am sure no one will ever figure out due to its length and complexity — and supposed attempts by others to use my Facebook credentials on other websites. I have no doubt that all of this is bogus, because I am a longtime, seasoned computer user, and I know how to stay safe online.

Finally, as you can see by the table below, on October 6, 2019, I was completely locked out of my account for the first time for a total of 32 days. Since then, the harassment has not stopped. I have been repeatedly locked out of my account for various lengths of time, forced logged off, forced to repeatedly change my password, repeatedly forced to jump through Facebook’s security hoops, repeatedly forced to upload my personal ID, and I have had dozens of my posts removed from Facebook for no valid reason. I have kept a careful record of all of this. Consider the following:

Facebook Lock-Out Dates

32 days = October 6, 2019 to November 7, 2019
06 days = November 9 to November 15, 2019
02 days = November 19, 2019 to November 21, 2019
03 days = November 23, 2019 to November 26, 2019
02 days = November 26, 2019 to November 28, 2019
01 days = December 14, 2019 to December 15, 2019

Please note that there have been more lockouts since December 15th as well, but I am sure the above table clearly makes my point. In fact, according to my records, from July 30, 2019 until today — December 29, 2019 — Facebook has forced me to change my password at least 20 times. Furthermore, I have been forced logged out and/or fully locked out of my account at least 27 times during this same time period. Now, if that is not intentional harassment by someone at Facebook, what is? That kind of continuous harassment would frustrate anyone.

To reiterate, this has NEVER happened on any of the other social networks and blogs where I participate. Never!

You be the judge.

Addendum: This same kind of harassment has continued into the first half of 2020, although the 32-day lockout from October 2019 was definitely the worst.

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Bill Kochman is a Christian writer, poet, graphic artist, online evangelist and founder and webmaster of the Bill's Bible Basics website and blog, as well as the founder and administrator of the Christian Social Network. His interests include tropical fish, Macintosh computers, web design, writing poetry, God's natural creation and his cats, Obsidian, Mischief and their progeny.
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